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Studia Pedagogiczne. Problemy społeczne, edukacyjne i artystyczne (Pedagogical Studies. Social, educational and art problems) has been published since 1986. Over the years the title has changed due to transformation processes at the University (the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce). Originally, the journal was published under the title Kieleckie Studia Psychologiczne; then, in 1989, it changed its title to Kieleckie Studia Pedagogiczne i Psychologiczne, and in 2003 received the title Studia Pedagogiczne Akademii Świętokrzyskiej . Finally, in 2008 the journal was titled Studia Pedagogiczne Uniwersytetu Humanistyczno-Przyrodniczego Jana Kochanowskiego. Thanks to the changes in the format and title, the scope of the journal has been extended to a broad range of education-related topics. Studia Pedagogiczne. Problemy społeczne, edukacyjne i artystyczne is an all-Poland academic publication issued by Publishing House of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, in cooperation with the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology (Faculty of Pedagogy and Art till 2019).

ISSN: current 2083-179X, previous 1730-6795, e-ISSN 2449-8971.


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Contemporary civilisation poses a threat to biopsychosocial human development. Therefore, it is important field of education to emphasize the necessity of proper human development. Undoubtedly, the humanities play a significant role in the development of critical and independent thought as they not only focus on human values and concerns, but also provide guidelines for human development. The humanities discuss different approaches to upbringing and education, enrich theoretical studies, as well as support and inspire practical, pedagogical activities.

We invite all the authors who feel motivated by the above-mentioned problems to further scientific research and theoretical reflections on pedagogical thought. Submissions related to practical applications of innovative theoretical solutions in the area of upbringing and education are welcome. The articles published in the journal are previously selected and approved by the Editorial Board and then submitted for external independent review. The journal features the sections that focus on both theoretical and empirical reflections as well as exchanging opinions:

Authors should submit, together with their full texts, an abstract in English. Submissions are published along with their summaries in English.